Turn your personal photos into unique glass art!

Terms & Conditions

Our turn around time is 3 to 4 weeks.
If photos do not work with our process we will let you know. We can not guarantee every photo will work. 
Sandblasted photos are produced by converting your photo into a black and white photo and then a coarse line screen. This is a creative interpretation of your photograph. We try to eliminate any surprises by sending an electronic proof before we sandblast your art into glass. Our process of using course line screens results in artwork that oddly shows more detail by standing back and admiring your piece from five to ten feet away. View the lines up close and it looks pretty goofy. We think thats the cool part.   
The glass work and the wood bases are all hand made in our Minneapolis studio. You might see tiny flaws or inconsistencies. That tells you our process is not automated or machine fabricated. Email us pictures of the flaw to art@blastedphotos.com.  Or you can call us at 612 501 4398.