Turn your personal photos into unique glass art!

A few tips to create great results!

We can use both black & white photos and color photos. If you have questions if your photo will work before you order, just email us the photo and we can do a quick test of it to see if it works. We can't always tell by just looking at your photo. We've been surprised!
We turn your color photo into a black and white photo. If there is a visually noisy background, we can spend a little time blurring it out. But if the photo takes a lot of work we will suggest the work to be done to make it better and quote a different price. 

You must own the rights to the photo. We will not sandblast someones photo or logo if you do not have the approval to use it. 

Photos that work well:

• High contrast photos
• Photos with un cluttered backgrounds
• Photos with the same orientation of the glass you are ordering
• Crisp and clean photos in sharp focus

Photos that don't work well:
• If you have general questions feel free to call us.  612 501 4398
• Photos of black cats with dark backgrounds
• Photos of black (insert any black animal here) with dark backgrounds. 
• Blurry photos do not work well. 
• Most sunrise and sunsets  (photos that rely on color)  But some do work!