Turn your personal photos into unique glass art!

How hand crafted BLASTEDPHOTOS.COM came about

My name is Kerry Dikken. I'm an industrial artist specializing in sandblasted glass art. My business started as a side venture while working as a graphic design artist for top Minneapolis advertising agencies. I sold my work at art fairs and was overwhelmed with the positive response. I shifted to full-time sandblasting art and was honored to be entrusted with increasingly larger commissions for Architects and Interior Designers. Projects include Belvedere Vodka bottles prototypes, large glass panels at Target Field, and work on the 35W Memorial. WWW.blastedart.com

Even with such visible projects in my portfolio, I never stopped learning and refining my craft. One day I discovered a method of converting pictures into a format that allowed me to sandblast photos. I began sandblasting photos as gifts for family, friends, and clients. Sandblasting photos is fun and gratifying, but also incredibly time consuming. Initially, I didn’t consider photo sandblasting to be a viable commercial venture because I assumed the market wouldn’t support a price structure that would cover my time.

I assumed wrong.

People would see the sandblasted photos I created as unique artistic gifts, and because they are perfect gifts, they’d want their own photos sandblasted. Because they are an easy gift for people who have everything, word of mouth spread like wildfire, and I was inundated with requests. People were begging me for sandblasted photos of their pets, families, new babies, and even ultrasounds. Eventually, it was impossible to deny the popularity and the venture’s viability.

I fell in love with the creative excitement of sandblasting photos. Photos are very personal, and the reaction I get from satisfied clients is second to noneI’m privileged to be able to preserve people’s memories in a unique, tangible, remarkable way. I’ve been able to scale the business in a way that brings the cost down significantly. That’s where you come in.

I’ve enjoyed this new venture so much that I've decided to offer BlastedPhotos.com to the public. Interested? All you need to do is decide on a size and email your photo to Art@blastedphotos.comThe price reflects cost of materials plus the length of time involved in producing the work. Each piece is painstakingly crafted by hand, and we won’t stop until a piece meets our incredibly high standards. That means that hours go into an individual photo, and the larger the photo, the more time it takes.

These sandblasted photos can be used for awards, and we can even add text upon request. Sandblast your summer vacation, your most productive employee, your holiday photo, your baby’s first steps, your daughter’s graduation, or even your favorite celebrity. The possibilities are endless. For larger or custom pieces—including adding text—please call us at 612 501 4398. We look forward to blowing—er, blasting—away your expectations.